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From a Mashable Meetup in Greece [photo by Andreas Kontokanis]

Case Study: MASHABLE

Mashable has a super devoted following of active readers.  It was only natural that they provide them with a way to meetup with each other.

They decided that the best way to rally everyone was to declare one date when they could all meetup.  But what day?  They decreed that, henceforth, June 30th would be known as Social Media Day.  People all over the world would rise up to celebrate this new holiday, and meet others just as excited about it.

Mashable’s vision of Meetups Everywhere on June 30th for their made-up holiday paid off.  Big. 

They wrote a blog post outlining how their readers could self-organize Meetups in their own neighborhoods, gave tips on using social media to get the word out and participate (of course), and made sure that everyone used the same tag for anything related to their Meetup Everywhere.

As a result, more than 11,000 people celebrated Social Media Day at Mashable Meetups around the world!

Mashable kept the decrees coming by encouraging their readers to have monthly Meetups. 

Encourage use of a common tag

Create a tag or “hashtag” for your event series. These tags condense conversations on Twitter, Flickr and YouTube so attendees all around the world can connect with each other. Pick a short (<10 characters) tag that represents your brand and the Meetups.  (You can also use our awesome hashtag generator in the create page for your Meetup Everywhere.)

Mashable = #smday
Foursquare = #4sqmeetup
TechCrunch = #tcmeetup

Another option is to get a Flickr, YouTube, or SoundCloud group going before your Meetups even happen.  This will provide a common home for all of your fans’ content.

Call on your community to keep it going!

Mashable not only declared that June 30th is Social Media Day, they decided that Mashable Meetups should happen monthly.

We want this to be a launching point for you to build a lasting relationship with your social media community by continuing to host Monthly Mashable Meetups using our Meetup Everywhere page, or more frequently if you think it works better for your community.

Mashable makes it a routine

Collect the media from your Meetups

People will tweet, blog and take photos and video at your Meetups.  One of the best ways to bring your community together is to make sure they see each others’ content. 

Because you let everyone know ahead of time that they should use a common tag, just visit places like Twitter, Flicker, and YouTube to search for anything with your tag.  Share the really fun stuff in a celebratory blog post.  Better yet, set up a Flickr group or YouTube channel for everyone to upload their own stuff to.

 This one screen capture (from the day after Mashable’s Meetups of tweets tagged with #smday) catches conversation, shares articles and photos, and has people already talking about doing it again!

SMDay Twitter feed

Mashable creates a new global holiday

You can too!  Though, Social Media Day is now taken.

Make your presence known, everywhere

Mashable set up some brilliant guides here about how best to leverage social media on their — you guessed it — Social Media Day.  They suggested no less than three ways to incorporate tags.

Open to ideas

Mashable kept things flexible by focusing on self-organization and letting people do what’s best for them.

There is a lot of flexibility in what exactly a meetup can consist of. Some groups are organizing social networking hours at their local venues, while others are hosting speakers or panels. We want to give you the flexibility to tailor your meetup to what you think best suits your social community.