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Case Study: MASHABLE

Mashable kicked off over 600 Meetups on June 30th by

  • declaring a global holiday
  • rallying their readers with a couple blog posts
  • embedding their Meetup map on 

Now they’ve called on their community to make Mashable Meetups a monthly global phenomena.

Recipe for their secret sauce here.

Case Study: ETSY

It’s easiest to get Meetups going everywhere when you keep things simple.  Just tell your people to get together over some coffee to talk! 

That said, it can be a real blast to go big.  Etsy had a global birthday bash of 512 Meetups to celebrate their fifth anniversary!  Their

  • super fun blog post
  • sponsored competition
  • download-able online grab bag
  • Flickr group

really took their party to the next level.

More inspiration here.


Apartment Therapy’s Meetup Everywhere exemplified how to scale face-to-face interaction the easy way — by challenging readers to self-organize their own national movement. 

Look behind the curtain here.