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THREE: Celebrate & Cultivate

After your first wave of Meetups has passed, you are going to want to maximize the momentum, and it doesn’t take much — people naturally want to keep meeting up!  All you need to do is

  • put the call out in an email and/or blog post to challenge folks to Meetup again
  • make it a routine to recognize those people meeting up and encourage more people to get involved

Maybe you want to make a particular day of the month your day, where everyone’s Meetups occur.  Or maybe you want to let folks schedule Meetup’s whenever is best for them.  The most important thing is that you talk on a regular basis about the Meetups and how people can participate.

Call on your community to keep it going!

Mashable not only declared that June 30th is Social Media Day, they decided that Mashable Meetups should happen monthly.

We want this to be a launching point for you to build a lasting relationship with your social media community by continuing to host Monthly Mashable Meetups using our Meetup Everywhere page, or more frequently if you think it works better for your community.

Mashable makes it a routine

Room to grow

The readers of Apartment Therapy are passionate not only about the blog, but about meeting up! 

Maxwell did an amazing job here of celebrating the folks who got together, and highlighting the intimate Meetups that arose because of them.  He also set the expectation that people will meetup routinely.

Last week, out of the 114 meetups where at least one person signaled their intention to meetup, at least 16 gained enough momentum to gather a crowd and choose a location. This is pretty darn good for the first time and we expect more next month!

Apartment Therapy follow up blog

Collect the media from your Meetups

People will tweet, blog and take photos and video at your Meetups.  One of the best ways to bring your community together is to make sure they see each others’ content. 

Because you let everyone know ahead of time that they should use a common tag, just visit places like Twitter, Flicker, and YouTube to search for anything with your tag.  Share the really fun stuff in a celebratory blog post.  Better yet, set up a Flickr group or YouTube channel for everyone to upload their own stuff to.

 This one screen capture (from the day after Mashable’s Meetups of tweets tagged with #smday) catches conversation, shares articles and photos, and has people already talking about doing it again!

SMDay Twitter feed

Jump on in

Be sure to pop into the conversations on Meetup, Twitter, and Facebook, and send a quick checkin email to the members of your Meetups.  All you have to do is say hi and recognize how flipping cool it is that they’re meeting up.  [It’s also great to send a special message to the organizers of your Meetups to let them know you appreciate their efforts.  (Maybe a little schwag is in order?)]

Jason Calacanis popped into the conversation to get a little friendly competition going, without even needing to offer any prizes!

Jason shows love

Once the Meetups have passed, you’ll want to collect all the photos/tweets/videos that came out of it (which will be easy, since you told everyone to use the same tag). 

Most importantly, it’s time to celebrate the awesomeness of what happened, calling on your community to continue meeting up!

Etsy Craft Party Flickr group

You must go look at Etsy’s Flickr group for where crafters can share their images pertaining to their Meetups — snapshots from the party itself, crafts for the party, preparations people wanted to share, etc.

[photo by rachellovespeace]

Bet you can’t look at just one!

Follow-up messaging is key

The Apartment Therapy team put together a fantastic follow-up email after their first wave of Meetups that accomplished several things: acknowledged people who participated, recognized organizers, and asked folks to share any photos and updates about what happened with the rest of the community.


Hi all,

A big thank you to everyone that came out and helped organize the first Apartment Therapy Meetups Everywhere last week! We’ve received some really nice emails with stories and pictures. We’re looking forward to putting them together in a post and helping grow your Meetup groups. We’ll send over a link to the post when it’s published this week.

Please email [masked] with photos and updates about the Apartment Therapy Meetup in your area.

Thanks again for your support and being part of the Apartment Therapy community!

All the best,

Apartment Therapy