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Case Study: ETSY

Etsy’s fifth birthday was approaching, and what better way to celebrate than with a giant bash involving Etsy-philes all over the world? 

They set up a Meetup Everywhere with the idea that people could get together for Craft Parties on June 18th.  Their blog post detailed what they envisioned, how people could get involved, and what the Meetup Everywhere platform was all about.  They tweeted, they Facebook’d, they emailed. 

The most exciting part of their plan was the friendly competition they promoted: the top 50 Meetups with the most people interested would receive a care package.  Sponsors stepped up to provide awesome schwag, including crafts people could enjoy.  Some cities went wild with activity, members sharing and promoting their hearts out to win the top slots.  (And so no one was left out, those who didn’t win the contest could still download a packet online of printable goodies to use at their Meetup.)

Between the enthusiasm the Etsy team showed for their Meetups Everywhere, the announcement they made, the competition, and how excited their fans got, 512 Meetups dotted the globe on June 18th to celebrate Etsy’s birthday!

They encouraged people to upload photos to a Flickr group to show off all the awesomeness of their Meetups.  Now they’re using the momentum from their big day to call on folks to continue meeting up with each other.

Get crafty

Etsy really went all out with their blog post to announce their Meetups Everywhere.  They set up a competition, created a Flickr group for photos, created a downloadable party pack, and included some FAQs.  They even created badges people could embed on their own sites to help promote!

You don’t have to do such an elaborate kickoff, but it never hurts to be creative!

Etsy announce

Throw one big birthday bash!

Etsy celebrated their fifth anniversary in style.  Gotta love the competition they weaved in too!

Crafting some competition

Etsy gets the competition going by promising goodies to the top 50 Craft Party Meetups with the most RSVPs.

Etsy Craft Party Flickr group

You must go look at Etsy’s Flickr group for where crafters can share their images pertaining to their Meetups — snapshots from the party itself, crafts for the party, preparations people wanted to share, etc.

[photo by rachellovespeace]

Bet you can’t look at just one!